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3 Ways to Dry Your Laundry

In order to make them last longer!

There are many ways of drying your laundry. The most important aspects are the environmental footprint and making your clothes stay beautiful and last longer.  Here are three classic and simple ways to obtain these goals:

Flat Dry or Die
Always, always and always dry your wool garments on a flat surface. Gently squeeze out as much water as possible. If you don’t have a flat drying device (who does?) you can put the garment on a folded towel. If you have access to a drying rack you can place the towel on top of the device. Don’t forget to flip the garment once in a while.

Air Dry 
Most garments last longer and stay in shape if you let them slowly dry on a drying rack or a hanger. Make sure to straighten hems and creases as much as possible before, this will save time when the garments are dry.  

We honestly don’t recommend that you tumble dry anything but bed linen and towels, and if do, please use tumble dryer balls to shorten the drying time and remove static electricity.  

Do you want to know more about how to wash right? Find our guide on ”5 Sustainable Alternatives to Laundry”.
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