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How to Use a Fabric Shaver

It might sound self-explanatory, and in a way it definitely is. But there’s more to this device than meets the eye. Read our article on how to use Pilo Fabric Shaver.

The Pilo Fabric Shaver – also called debobbler– has three precision-made razor blades and a surprisingly strong motor, that actually originates from an electric razor. The high speed helps eliminate the risk of pilling getting stuck in the shaving membrane. Thus, you can safely shave off lint and pilling.

"Can I Use the Fabric Shaver on all fabrics?"

Short answer: Yes, you can.

The longer version … be careful and increase the pressure gradually. By gently trying a small part of the fabric you will easily find out if the material is on the too delicate side or not. Keep in mind, in our opinion no materials are too delicate for our product. A small doze of common sense will take you far – there is, of course, a limit to how big the pilling can be – a heavy rug may be too much even for the Pilo.

"Can I remove pilling from furniture?"

Definitely! Not just knits attracts pilling, so can cushions, armrests or blankets.

How to Use a Pilo

    1. Make sure the Pilo has been cleaned properly, remove leftover lint and fuzz from the last time you used the machine.
    2. Put your garment on a flat surface.
    3. Press the On/Off button and start circling the areas with pilling carefully.
    4. Increase pressure gradually.
    5. If you’re working on a heavily pilled garment you need to check the container and empty it after a while (you normally feel and hear when the machine starts to run a little slower).
    6. Ta-dah!

Clean Pilo Fabric Shaver

When you notice that the Pilo is working slow – or if it stops running even if the indicator lamp is green – the container is full. Time to clean!

Unscrew the plastic ring.

Remove the mouthpiece in perforated metal by gently lifting it off (be careful, underneath are sharp razors!). Use the brush to remove the razors. Careful!

Remove all fuzz.

The razors can be cleaned with the small brush.

Everything clean? No fuzz left anywhere? Then you'r done. Put the razor blades back and attach the mouthpiece and screw back the plastic ring. Now it's ready to be used again.

We strongly believe this device has a fair chance of entering your list of best friends. Good luck!

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